About Us

ORGANIC PURE LAND is a company 100% Mexican, committed to the overall health of people, is dedicated to developing formulas based on organic medicinal plants that help prevent, control or cure various diseases that today have become commonplace. Some of them are diabetes, uric acid, cholesterol, arthritis, rheumatism, hypertension, obesity, prostate, constipation, insomnia, sexual potency, cardiovascular problems, visual problems, kidney problems, ulcers and varicose veins ....

Knowing the social demand for natural medicine seeks to heal without damaging, and under the strict standards required by the Ministry of Health, tastefully presented over 70 alternative formulations that promote the overall health of those who consume, as we have found the thousands of people who have come into contact with our proposal.

To develop the different formulas we have own production of some of the plants used. Such production is conducted in the Rancho Tierra Pura, this is 100% organic and the most important species is Moringa oleifera, a plant from India, but cultivated in Mexico for tens or even, centuries.



Offering naturopathic formulas that promote alternative health, on the basis of the organic crops, which contribute to promoting the health and happiness of our customers and to experience reliability at its intake.



Be leaders in the naturism and Organic herbal options to generate population health, generating reliable and effective ways to promote health and happiness in consumers.