Location and Description

The Rancho La Tierra Pura is located in the Ejido Nueva Italia, Township Miigica, Michoacán. It is located in the region known as Tierra Caliente State, at an altitude of 297 meters above sea level. The weather is warm, set with summer rains in the months of June to October. It has an area of 19 hectares and is divided into a section of irrigation and other wild. The irrigation area covers about 10 hectares, has a slope of less than 5 °, the floor is black, clay and moderate stoniness.

The section known as wild has a slightly higher slope and stoniness to the irrigation area. For having more than 15 years to break, has trees up 8 m high belonging to wild species typical of deciduous forest. For example, caulote (Guazuma ulmifolia), The izache (Acacia sp.), frijolillo (Caesalpinia platyloba), Cueramo (Cordia elaeagnoides), guage (Leucaena sp.), cascalote (Caesalpinia coriaria), Cirian (Crescentia alata), sasanil (Cordia dentata.), corongoro (Ziziphus amole), mezquite (Prosopis sp.), inter.