Production of Moringa

Producción de Moringa

Our production has record of organic production for domestic consumption in Mexico and for export to the European Union, through company-ICEA Metrocert. All production is done for medicinal purposes under strict quality standards, achieved over several years of cultivation. Fertilization is effected by the application of organic fertilizers and intercropping by planting nitrogen-fixing legumes, which naturally helps to nitrogen fixation by Rhizobium bacteria. For his part, weed control, pests and diseases is also done with organic products and procedures that promote environmental conservation (soil, air and water) and allow the conservation of biodiversity Certified Organic Moringa Oleifera (Soil microorganisms, local flora and fauna, etc.)

Planting methods of Moringa

Seeding methods used vary between species. Has been used for some direct sowing of the seed, while others have used the vegetative propagation (by cuttings, pencas, tillers or rhizomes). In some species have been used to nursery propagation and subsequent transplant. In the case of direct sowing moringa use high density.

Harvesting and Management Moringa

Harvest Moringa Moringa Oleifera OrgánicaEn, Foliage cutting is performed at intervals of 45 a 60 days, age at which the plant has the most nutrients. However, both Moringa and other cultivated species are evaluating different harvesting techniques, such as cutting the stems with scissors or machete, o bien, by manual defoliation.

All species are handled by having natural regrowth after cutting plants (coppice, sprout). All actions are part of an adaptive management approach (adaptive management), which allows constant evaluation of the actions undertaken and necessary adjustments to get the desired results.

Pizcado and Drying Moringa

The cut branches of moringa are washed in potable water, first introducing them in a tub of pure water, then rinsed in a tub with biodegradable soap and then rinse in tubs referred to them free of soap. Subsequently leaves are pizcadas hand and dried in the shade for the purpose of maintaining the properties of the plant.

Moringa seed production

Producción de semillas de MoringaIn addition to seed production crop moringa leaf, We are also focused on the production of seeds for oil extraction.

Moringa oil contains the 70% oleic acid. "Oleic acid is known for its beneficial effects on cardiovascular health and liver. Increases good cholesterol called (HDL) and reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) blood, therefore exerts a beneficial action on the vascular system and the heart, thereby reducing, the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is also known to have beneficial effects on liver health and prevents the formation of gallstones .... Oleic acid is also used in the manufacture of cosmetics, soaps, in metal cleaning and textile industry ... "

The oil is obtained Rancho Tierra Pura By cold pressing methods and Once the oil has been extracted, the remaining sour cake has all the properties of fresh seed, which contains a 60% protein and can be used as fertilizer. Currently evaluating use as animal feed and poultry ".

Considering the many uses that can be given to the seed-oil and / or oleic acid, chicken feed, cattle to goats.